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Perfect Packaging introduces Aluscan metal detector

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Mesutronic, represented in Australia by Perfect Packaging , has released the new Aluscan metal detector.

With its patented design it allows to detect smaller metal contaminant sizes, as small as 0.8mm in diameter, within aluminium wrapped products.

While it was difficult in the past to detect stainless steel contaminants and metal wires with earlier metal detectors, the new Aluscan metal detector has a high-sensitivity detection of stainless steel and can detect contaminants regardless of their shape and orientation.

For increased operation, the control system is now located separately, making it more user friendly and easier to work with.

The Aluscan metal detector only detects the rest-magnetism, this ensures reliable detection of small stainless steel and ferrous metal contamination of products packed in Aluminium, for example; retort pouches, ready meals, pies, tartlets, chocolate, muesli bars, chewing gum and soup sachets.

The products presented for inspection travel along the Aluscan conveyor through a permanent magnet, where it is magnetised and carried over the magnetic sensor bed.

For products over 50mm, an additional sensor can be placed above the product, to ensure an accurate level of detection. As aluminium can not be magnetised, the magnetic sensors do not see the aluminium packaging.

Therefore any products contaminated with ferrous and/or stainless steel are detected and automatically rejected by the reject mechanism, without interrupting the production process.

The complete AluScan system is compact and consists of magnet, conveyor, metal sensor and reject mechanism, and can be easily integrated into almost any production line.

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