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Anthropomorphic industrial robot available from Perfect Packaging

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Perfect Packaging presents the IRB 2400, an industrial robot from Tecnopack of Italy.

The IRB 2400 available from is an anthropomorphic industrial robot with 6 axis.

The robot is mainly used for general product pick and place operations, especially when it is necessary to handle many components at the same time. It is available in 3 versions, with a managing capacity from 5kg up to 16kg.

Tecnopack has developed a variety of robotic feeding solutions which have been integrated with their horizontal flow wrappers and Cartoners to automate the loading of product and eliminate the labour component.

The robot’s operating range is good, it can be used on more pick and place applications.

The versatility of the S4C+ robot is enhanced by using the conveyor tracking function. This function allows the robot to operate on moving elements which offers more freedom during the layout planning phase and during the design of the plant.

The IRB 2400 uses PickMaster software and to Cognex technology, the robot can pick up products from a moving transport system and deposit them on to the moving conveyor/infeed of the wrapper or to pre-formed trays and can manage, in real time, the distribution of the load among many robots.

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