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Surveys and testing on organisation culture from Perception Mapping

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Perception Mapping  offers culture surveys and testing to organisations that measures and transforms various aspects related to people, culture and business. Perception Mapping offers staff motivation measurement to customer loyalty surveys and identifies the issues along with measuring intervention outcomes.

By employing Perception Mapping surveys and services, an organisation gains access to real time information which helps to identify the potential problems and also helps in making perfect decisions. Perception Mapping provide solution to identify, understand and address issues related to customer satisfaction, organisation culture, workplace diversity, employee profiling, candidate selection, exit surveys and employee retention.

Diagnostic tools are also tailor made by Perception Mapping to identify the trouble spots or to map the management strategies for success. The measurement of cultural diversity and other related issues are called as organisation culture surveys. Organisation surveys helps to overcome unfair treatment and discrimination which causes harm to any organisations.

Perception Mapping provide easily understandable colour map and graphically illustrated solutions for discrimination and unfair treatment. This tool is ideal to map the change management program progress.

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