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Employee profiling solutions from Perception Mapping

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Perception Mapping  provides different surveys and questionnaires to enhance business. Perception Mapping offers research outsourcing software for business organisation as in-house research is time consuming and expensive process.

Perception Mapping offers specialist survey software services that are tailored to any individual or project requirements. Perception Mapping collaborate with research needs which includes survey questionnaire design, data collection methods, reporting procedures and data analysis.

Perception Mapping offers employee profiling solutions. Perception Mapping utilises the Omni
Profile that is highly respected and commonly used employee selection tool ideal for major corporate leaders.

Perception Mapping’s team diagnostic and performance tools which are used to measure nine key performance indicator which includes team conflict, team cohesiveness, team satisfaction, openness of communication, team support, team resources, role clarity, team feedback and interpersonal trust.

The Perception Mapping provides team diagnostics and performance tools and development program which optimally structures the team roles to increase the potential, persuasively advocate change, resolve communicate and conflict creatively, strategically network the team, create a supportive and positive team culture, unlocks the creative potential of the team.

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