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Alternative concept for UPS

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article image Features maintenance-free operation.

ON the basis of special electrolytic capacitors, FEAS GmbH, represented by Pepperl+Fuchs , has introduced a novel buffer module as an alternative concept for accu-operated uninterruptible power supplies.

These SSE05 buffer modules, are simply connected in parallel to the load circuit - they supply stand-by voltage as soon as the load voltage of the power supply drops under a specific value, and without generating a undesired wiping-impulse. By having a wide voltage range, the usage with a unregulated power supply is possible.

The ride-through time of the SSE05 is at 10A and 22,5V/0,6s, with 1,0A/18s and with 100mA ca.85s. This means, most of all line interruptions or fluctuations are recovered with such a system. In order to increase the buffer time and the load current, unlimited numbers of SSE05 can be connected in parallel.

The structural design of this buffer module is especially made for a space-saving mounting onto DIN-rails. The complete grouting with special resin makes the device shockproof and suitable for tropic ambient. This high industrial quality, along with the wide operable temperature range, allows applications in many fields, even to upgrade a system.

Features of the SSE05 include:

* Maintenance-free operation

* Input voltage up to 35V dc

* No accu used

* Parallel connection possible

* Suitable for tropical ambient

* High storage capacity

* Short circuit and overload proof

* Remote monitoring by relay

* Safety acc. to VDE, EN. UL,CSA.

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