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Demand-driven manufacturing solution

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PEOPLESOFT has introduced the industry's first solution to address the next era of manufacturing - demand-driven manufacturing.

Building on PeopleSoft's industry-leading manufacturing applications, the company announced new products to address the specific needs of demand-driven manufacturers.

The new demand-driven manufacturing products include lean procurement, the buyer workspace, radio frequency identification (RFID), demand scheduling execution, configured order promising, and advanced forecast modeling.

PeopleSoft is also introducing the next generation of lean manufacturing - Demand Flow Line Design based on patented intellectual property licensed to PeopleSoft.

In the past, companies have had to choose between being customer focused or operationally efficient. Demand-driven manufacturing is the ability to deliver any product, in any configuration, at any quantity to meet customer demand at significantly lower costs to the manufacturer, while driving the highest levels of profitability.

The new solution builds on PeopleSoft's existing industry-leading Manufacturing solution. The new products introduced include:

* Lean Procurement: Includes Buyer Workspace, Supplier Self-Service and Supplier Release Scheduling. These new modules embed Demand Flow methodologies exclusively licensed from JCIT in Q4 2003. The solution enables suppliers to connect with the demand-driven enterprise in real time.

* Buyer Workspace: A critical component of lean procurement that delivers a single interface for buyers to manage all aspects of their supplier relationships. This capability also includes proactive alerts to manage volatile commodity markets.

* Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): Enables companies to increase supply chain visibility and better respond to market volatility by providing the status and location of products and materials across the supply chain.

* Demand Scheduling Execution: Provides demand and supply visibility across the supply chain in high-volume and repetitive manufacturing environments. Includes functionality to track and audit cumulative demand against contracts.

* Configured Order Promising: The capable-to-promise solution now supports instantaneous promise calculations for configured orders. This solution enables demand-driven manufacturers to provide superior customer service while understanding the profitability of their promise decisions.

* Advanced Forecast Modeling: Enables the development of statistically-based forecasts that account for complex market nuances such as consumer price index, weather predictions, and localised inflation rates.

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