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Pennywise Peripherals  manufactures a wide range of specialised electronic products. Pennywise Peripherals offers cinema automation products like CS30 and CS18 status panels which is placed at different positions for displaying the status of cinemas from same group.

CS30 and CS18 status panels from Pennywise Peripherals displays using three coloured LEDs which is clearly visible. CS30 status panel from Pennywise Peripherals can display up to 10 cinemas and CS18 can display up to 6 cinemas of status. CS30 and CS18 also consist of an audible alarm in case of any fault in the cinema which can be cancelled by the pushing button.

CS30 and CS18 displays the following displayed for each cinema like slides, main feature showing, previews, session idle, running, about to start and about to end, film not threaded and fault condition like xenon fail, film break and emergency.

Pennywise Peripherals offers SPD1 status panel driver which enable the third party cinema equipment to drive CS30 and CS18 cinema status panel. SPD1 status panel driver uses opto-coupled inputs which obtains the status information from projection unit. The status information is then transmitted to CS30 and CS18 status panels for displaying.

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