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Remote control unit from Pennywise Peripherals

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Pennywise Peripherals  is a manufactures of number of specialised electronic products. Pennywise Peripherals offers RP4 remote control unit which enables certain functions on CA21 or CA100 automation that are to be operated from cinema auditorium.

RP4 remote control unit from Pennywise Peripherals gets connected to automation using four-wire RS-232 interface. RP4 remote control unit provides adjustment of auditorium volume, delaying and start early of the session, display of automation status like time until stars, time, etc. With RP4 one can shutdown the cinema in case of any emergency and can also adjust the cinema settings like remote focus, framing etc. Alert beepers on status panels and automations for the projectionist are also provided by RP4 remote control unit.

Pennywise Peripherals offers DF1 digital fader for enabling the serial control of sound processors where own serial interfaces are absent. DF1 digital fader needs RS-232 serial interface for getting connected with the automation. DF1 consists of two optical inputs which allow to remote control the volume. DF1 contains relays which control the sound processor like mute, remote fader and selecting sound formats.

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