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Cinema automation equipment from Pennywise Peripherals

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Pennywise Peripherals  is a manufacturer of specialised electronic products. Pennywise Peripherals was established in 1977 and has been manufacturing number of electronic products. Pennywise Peripherals offers wide range cinema automation products which includes CA21 Cinema Automation, CA100 Cinema Automation, RP4 Remote Control Panel, CS30 and CS18 Status Panels, DF1 Digital Fader Controller, SPD1 status Panel Driver and Calink Central Control systems.

Pennywise Peripherals offers CA21 Cinema automation which controls the equipment that operates cinema. CA21 Cinema automation runs films sessions by sequence of steps triggered by cues from slide projector or film automatically. The front panel of the CA21 Cinema automation only has push buttons and LEDs and there are no cryptic messages, complicated menus and other computer languages. CA21 Cinema automation is easy to use and controls the film, sound processor, slide projectors, curtains, lights etc.

CA21 Cinema Automation from Pennywise Peripherals has an in-built clock which enables the sessions to be sequenced at specific times. CA21 Cinema Automation requires only on type of cue. The motors can be interlocked in case of different projectors.

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