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Steel wall systems from Peer Industries

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Peer Industries  offers extensive range of metal building systems since 1989. Peer Industries roll forms products under different licensing agreements for various customers and can also roll form products that meet any specific requirements. Any equipment required for sample or drawing is made efficiently by Peer Industries.

Peer Industries provides various services like designing, marketing, distributing, contract roll forming and custom roll forming etc. Peer Industries provides wide range of products which includes façade system, steel wall system, concealed ceiling system, plaster accessories, exposed ceiling systems, ceiling tiles, specialty clips and access hatches.

Steel wall system from Peer Industries is offered in wide variety of track, stud, noggin track and deflection head which are ideally used for many applications. Peer Industries’ products are made of steel gauges that range from 0.50 millimetre to 1.55 millimetre of base metal thickness. Width of Peer products ranges from 51 millimetre to 150 millimetre with the standard length ranging from 2000 millimetre to 7200 millimetre.

Concealed ceiling system from Peer Industries consists of different Furring Channels required for any specifications. Furring channels are available in 18 millimetre and 28 millimetre, 22 millimetre Furring channel cyclonic batten, 16 millimetre Furring channel domestic batten and Furring channel acoustic isolation batten are incorporated to Concealed Ceiling system.

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