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article image Zebra’s Stripe S600, S4M and Z4MPlus printers.

ZEBRA Technologies’ latest Zebra S4M barcode label printer, available from Peacock Bros , offers many advantages over other printers. These include ease of use, metal frame/case, a variety of connectivity options and the ability to handle a full 203mm roll of media.

The Zebra S4M thermal barcode printer is designed for the budget minded and supports many applications.

The Zebra S4M is recommended in situations when:

* The user needs an easy to operate thermal printer

* The printer has to be in a low price range

* The operating environment requires a rugged metal constructed barcode printer

* Multiple connectivity options are required (including USB)

* The printer has to have a small footprint yet still support a full 203mm roll of labels

* The operator is looking for a more rugged printer than the Stripe S600

* Changing from or replacing a Datamax or Intermec printer and the customer does not want to change label formats.

How does the Zebra S4M thermal barcode printer compare to Zebra's other products?

While the Zebra Stripe S600 printer is made entirely of plastic, the Zebra S4M printer is more robust containing a metal frame and case ideally suited for many applications including product ID, receiving, shipping, and compliance labelling.

The Zebra S4M barcode printer has a similar duty cycle to the S600 or 2746e, but much higher than that of a desktop series printer.

The Zebra S4M printer has throughput that is superior to the S600 and 2746e, but lower than the Z4MPlus printer.

The Z4MPlus thermal printer combines fast print speed, quick throughput and a high duty cycle into a rugged metal full sized printer designed to enhance productivity.

In addition, the Z4MPlus printer's multitude of optional features and flexibility allow it to support most warehouse and business applications.

The following are some situations where the Zebra S4M printer should be used instead of the Z4MPlus:

* The application does not demand the high output, speed or throughput of the Z4MPlus

* The application does not require a high duty cycle printer

* Shorter height is required for applications such as mobile cart, forklift or constrained installation locations

* Budget restraints

* The media handling flexibility and options are not required for the application.

The following are some of the advantages that the Zebra S4M has over the Stripe S600:

* The S4M has a more robust metal case

* The S4M has more connectivity options as standard including USB support

* The S4M has a higher throughput than the S600.

The S4M printer is ideal for applications that need more than a desktop, yet do not need the horsepower of a Z4MPlus printer.

Any applications that require print speed greater than 152mm per second and a higher throughput should be moved to a Z4MPlus, which supports printing at 254mm per second and thus a faster throughput.

The S4M printer can handle tear off and peel without liner take-up, which is suitable for many applications, but those applications that require cutter, peel with liner take-up and rewind will have to look upwards to the Zebra Z4MPlus printer.

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