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Printer to help comply with OH&S regulations

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The latest Australian OH&S laws regarding registering visitors and knowing the location of every person on your business premises is easily implemented by the all new Zebra Card Printers from Peacock Bros .

This provides users with a simple log-in and log-out system that will track the movement of every staff member, visitor and contractor at a site.

The new OH&S laws dictate that businesses must know the whereabouts of every person on their sites, so as in the event of an emergency such as a fire everyone can be located and evacuated safely.

To do this you must first know who is on site and where they are.

The Zebra Card Printers from Peacock Bros. will produce ID cards for all of your staff and quickly create on-the-spot ID cards for visitors and contractors.

These cards can include a smart card chip that will register on smart card readers located in strategic positions around the client’s facilities instantly registering their location.

This solution is very cost effective, with the new range of Zebra Card Printers and Card Readers more affordable than ever before, businesses can now comply with this new OH&S requirement and can manage staff movements more efficiently.

Zebra Card Printers can print on the front and back of blank or pre-printed plastic cards in full colour and in high resolution, allowing you to customise your designs with company branding, photo IDs, barcodes and text.

A large range of smart cards are available to choose from as well as magnetic cards, lanyards and belt clips - all can be custom printed to in-house designs.

The printers connect to any Windows based PC via an ethernet or USB connection, for simple functionality.

Peacock Bros also supply the latest visitor management software that will automatically manage personnel movements, produce reports and even send email alerts when a visitor has arrived.

Peacock Bros. are an authorised Zebra Card Distributor and will come to a client’s premises for a demonstration and explanation of the benefits of using Zebra Card Printers in their business.

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