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Peacock Bros. delivers a Tip Top labelling system

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article image Peacock Bros. was able to automate Tip Top’s labelling process

TIP Top Australia's newest facility in Sydney is one of the smartest designs in automated supply chain systems ever developed, says the company.

The bakery, product packaging, order packing and dispatch systems are all installed into this single building integrated with automated machinery that assists the entire production process.

Part of this new installation included 12 product finishing and packing lines automatically controlled via a central production management system and capable of filling orders on-demand. Peacock Bros. were called in to design and supply a solution that would automatically print and apply barcode labels onto the completed crate stacks on each of the 12 lines.

Tip Top needed the printer applicators to communicate directly with the inventory management computer system and print and apply the crate stack contents as the stacks were completed. It was found that only the Weber brand of printer applicators with the latest Zebra Technologies PAX4 print engines could perform this task sufficiently.

Peacock Bros. have the expertise in custom label applicator installations and printer networking making them the ideal choice of supplier, says Tip Top. Peacock Bros were also contracted to produce and supply customised stands that would enable each applicator to be placed within a compact conveyor system.

Working directly with Tip Top's software and conveyor company, 12 printer applicators were delivered that would print and apply barcode labels with the unique contents and dispatch details of each crate stack on demand. The customised stands fitted the applicators neatly between the conveyor lines without creating obstructions.

Minimal handling and intervention is required for this whole process with the central computer completing most of the instructions to automated equipment as required to complete the task. The solution works perfectly and provides the final automated functions needed to complete the supply chain system.

Peacock Bros. are the exclusive distributor of the Weber automated printer applicators in Australia and New Zealand and can supply and install automated labelling systems for all types of applications. Peacock Bros. also offer full local service and preventative maintenance for Weber systems as well as being an Australian manufacturer of barcode labels and supplies.

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