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Motorola RD5000 Vehicle Mounted RFID Reader

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The Motorola RD500 vehicle mounted RFID reader is now available to the Australian market after successful trials and live testing by Peacock Bros.  Installed on a forklift backrest or mobile cart, the RD5000 RFID reader will automatically read and record any Gen2 RFID tag within range.  

The new device offers more onboard functionality than any other RFID Reader currently available. The reader, motion sensor, battery pack, Bluetooth, wireless LAN and antennae are all housed in a single compact form, no cables or additional power supplies are required making this the most reliable and flexible option for automated RFID tag reading on the market.  

The RD5000 RFID reader can be installed almost anywhere including forklifts, trucks, mobile carts, stretch wrap machines, yards, gates, clamp trucks and conveyors or any hard to reach locations where a cabled reader would not be practical.  The rugged design ensures continuos uninterrupted operation even in the most demanding workplace environments.  

For forklift use, simply mount it to the forklift backrest and wirelessly connect to either an on board computer terminal on the forklift or directly to your inventory management system for real-time asset movement tracking. The rugged design allows for mounting in harsh workplace environments without disruption to operation.  

Peacock Bros. can also integrate the RD5000 RFID Reader with the award winning Indoor Vehicle Positioning solution, providing the addition of location information against any of your RFID tagged assets – accurate to 3 sq/cm for instant tracking and locating of your RFID tagged inventory.   

Now inventory can be instantly located and retrieved, eliminating overstocking due to ordering of product that is not actually needed – but simply misplaced.  Products handled by clamp trucks can be individually identified via the RFID tags; ensuring the right amount of pressure is automatically applied to provide a sure grip without damage.   

Peacock Bros are authorised Motorola partners delivering world leading solutions on the entire range of Motorola Enterprise Mobility products.  Our highly skilled and experienced technicians’ custom build supply chain applications that deliver the best results for your company.

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