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article image Reduces the training and setup costs involved in installing labelling automation.

PEACOCK Brothers has released PA1200 series of printer/applicator systems from Tharo. It is designed to contain a standard desktop label printer such as a Zebra Z4MPlus, Datamax I-Class or a Godex2200. This dramatically reduces the training and setup costs involved in installing labelling automation within a production line.

The Tharo PA1200 series printer/applicator is easy to use, with minimal adjustments required to set up as most operators will already be familiar with the basic printer operation and maintenance requirements.

The series uses springs and an adjustable pressure sensing switch attached to the tamp pad (label application plate), providing accurate label placement onto products and packaging. The user has full control over the degree of contact made to apply the label to ensure that products are not damaged and the labels adhere fully. For automated small label applications onto objects such as computer parts, the PA1200 series has optional custom tamps as small as 6mm. For fragile or concave/convex-shaped objects there is also an optional air eject tamp which applies the labels without touching the object.

The Tharo PA1200 series has a quick-adjustable stand, using a crank handle and swing arm for a quick change from applying labels to the side of products, to applying to the top of products or setting up in a new location.

It will keep up with the most active production line, with print and apply speeds of up to 60 labels a minute. An optional optical sensor can be attached to detect a product’s location on the production line, trigger the automatic label print and application at the right time. LEDs are available to provide status updates on operational conditions and errors to ensure your production line is not held up by unannounced operational obstacles.

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