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Bluetooth enabled mobile printers

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THE latest range of mobile printers with optional Bluetooth wireless connectivity operating within the 802.11b, 2.4 GHz bandwidth, through an ingenious clip-on portable radio device, has been released here by Peacock Bros .

With the Bluetooth option in any of the Peacock Bros. supplied Zebra Cameo, Encore or QL series mobile printers, users can instantly communicate with one or more computers, allowing printing at the point of application.

Peacock Bros’ Steven Ciran said Bluetooth technology had many advantages, such as allowing wireless communication with PDAs, laptops or desktop computers, encryption and authentication protocols to provide secure connections, high-speed data transmission (1MB per second) and a connectivity range of up to 10m.

“ Simply choose from our extensive range of Zebra Cameo, Encore or QL series mobile printers and clip on one of the latest portable radio attachments. These portable radio devices are custom formed to fit discreetly without adding unnecessary weight or size to the mobile printer,” Ciran said.

The compatible printers offered features such as easy loading of any media size up to 100mm; optional mobile mount and fanfold media bin; one motion peel-and-present mode with Quickflip bar; rugged construction, and an easy-to-wear shoulder strap.

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