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Automated carton handling and print/apply solution

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article image A fully automated solution.

THE Weber automated carton handling system quickly and accurately prints and applies labels to the side of an un-erected carton and discharges them ready for packing and handling.

Available from Peacock Bros , the automatic un-erected carton feeder can be combined with any Weber printer applicator to produce a fully automated solution that will print and apply up to 2400 labels an hour onto the cartons.

The adjustable system can guide cartons up to 1066mm x 1066mm square in size straight to the printer applicator and hold the cartons with the use of a clever suction drive system for label printing and automated application.

An industrial grade aluminum frame makes the unit rugged enough to withstand continuous use at full speed and with built in castors the unit will adapt to most working environments and locations.

Fully adjustable side guides and a jam-detect sensor ensure cartons are handled without damage and the operator will be immediately notified in the event of any disruptions to production.

Varying thicknesses of cartons are no obstacle with the system, the intuitive design will adapt to the widths as the cartons are fed through.

Weber printer applicators are network ready, programmable and can even be operated remotely via IP. The carton feeder can be purchased separately for semi- automatic hand-fed operation if required or preferred.

Peacock Bros is the exclusive distributor for the Weber printer applicators in Australia and New Zealand and can supply the full range of Weber products and offer installation, technical service and after sales support.

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