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5300 label printer and label applicator from Peacock Bros

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Weber’s new 5300 label printer and label applicator is a great advance in versatility for pressure sensitive label printing and automated label application systems.

In addition to offering a broad selection of high-quality print engines featuring a range of print resolutions and label dispensing speeds, the 5300 label printer and label applicator is now available with optional RFID print-encode engines.

The 5300 label printer and label applicator from Weber automatically both prints and applies your barcode labels to a variety of surfaces such as boxes, products, cartons and pallets as they continue along your production line or are placed ready for dispatch.

The labels can be applied to the top, side, and bottom or even across the corner for exact placement in a convenient position for scanning and reading.

5300 label printer and label applicator versatility is great step forward with configuration options of either blow tamp, direct tamp, swing tamp and twin-tamp label application and can be configured for corner wrap label placement by use of an articulated application arm.

The new modular design ensures that the system can be re-configured to address subsequent print-and-apply labelling requirements e.g. changing from front label application to side label application. This modularity can also remove the need to future purchasing of additional applicators.

New to the Weber series of label printer applicators and standard with the 5300 series is the remote locatable unit controller.

This controller is connected by a 15 foot long umbilical cable and can be positioned anywhere within range to provide convenient access and monitoring of the unit’s main functions such as label orientation, pad sensor settings, alert lights and status of the labels and ribbons in use.

The 5300 label printer applicator has intelligent computerised control of the label unwind and re-wind dimensions to ensure that they match the ribbon supply at the same rate, reducing downtime and eliminating partial changeovers.

Multiple printing formats can be stored in the upgraded system memory, making it easier for an operator to select a job directly from the applicator instead of downloading a computer file.

Browser based monitoring has been included to display the full status of all operational functions and configurations by logging on to a web page that is unique to each 5300 unit. The 5300 label printer and label applicator can also now interface with many types of external PLC’s including Allen Bradley and Siemens.

Peacock Bros is the exclusive distributor of the Weber label printer applicator systems in Australia and have over 20 years of experience in custom installations of the Weber units into a varied range of environments.

Peacock Bros.  can install the 5300 series into your supplychain and set up the label application configuration, labelling software and operator interface to suit your specific business needs.

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