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Architectural and industrial acoustic solutions from Peace Engineering

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Peace Engineering  providing acoustic and noise solutions, also caters to architectural and industrial acoustics. Products like enclosures, silencers developed by Peace Engineering are beneficial in architectural and industrial fields.

Textures and materials used in the designing of restaurants and other entertainment venues may not always absorb noise. The panels from Peace Engineering provide acoustic solutions to these venues yet allow designers to choose materials as desired. Live finishes are also turned into acoustically absorbing surfaces by Peace Engineering.

Peace Engineering also provides noise solutions to industries through enclosures, test booths, sound rooms and silencers. With big horsepower engines, generator enclosures are provided which can contain the noise yet let out heat from the engine. The environmental constraints, purpose of the engine, design of the engine is taken into consideration while designing products.

In audiometric testing applications sound rooms and audiometric test booths are designed to close extraneous noise. In addition, Peace Engineering offers enclosures and a High Performance (HPV) range product that includes a rack and a pinion door for effective sealing in the entrance.

Silencers are also manufactured by Peace Engineering for a variety of applications. Some of the specific silencers from Peace Engineering include custom built fan silencers, cylindrical silencers, splitters, insert pods.

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