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Modified Atmosphere Packaging Tray Sealers from Paxon Packaging

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article image Modified Atmosphere Packaging Tray Sealer

Paxon Packaging  introduces a new range of modified atmosphere packaging or MAP tray sealers manufactured by Yang srl of Italy.

MAP tray sealers are designed to minimise downtime involved in tooling die changeovers while increasing productivity.

Modified atmosphere packaging tray sealers from the Polaris Series are hybrid triple chamber tray sealers capable of tripling the output of a single chamber.

MAP tray sealers available from Paxon Packaging are designed to incorporate three different tools in the same machine to minimise downtime during changeover. Any one of the three dies can be selected whilst bypassing the other two tools.

Three different tray sizes can be operated by selecting the appropriate tooling die in the chambers without time-consuming tooling changeover.

Alternatively, the tray sealers can be used as triple chamber tray sealers, increasing the output of the same tray size threefold.

The MAP tray sealers can be integrated with automated conveyors as part of a continuous line.

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