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Inverted Film Feed Box Motion Flow-Wrappers from Paxon Packaging

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Paxon Packaging  has released the new series of inverted (bottom) film feed box motion flow-wrappers from General System Pack SRL of Italy.  

The new 65EVOBB inverted box motion flow-wrapper is the economy electronic version with standard 4-axis servo-driven automation.  

The 65EVOBB packaging equipment is a more economically priced version of the larger 600EVOBB model, making these inverted box motion wrappers more affordable.  

Ideal for loose products, this versatile model of inverted box motion flow-wrappers is capable of wrapping small products (50mm L), long products (1500mm L), high products (200mm H) and portion control packs in addition to modified atmosphere packaging at speeds up to 60ppm.  

Fully electronic and touch screen controlled, the inverted box motion flow-wrappers feature a cantilevered construction for optimum hygiene and come in wash-down stainless steel versions.  

Auto film splice, variable pack length, automated feeding systems and belted conveyor in-feed are some of the options available in these flow-wrappers.  

Inverted box motion flow-wrappers are ideal for difficult product applications requiring maximum flexibility at an affordable price.

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