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GSP 65EVO Flow Wrappers available from Paxon Packaging

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Paxon Packaging  supplies the GSP 65EVO model of industrial flow wrappers designed for multiple applications in the packaging industry.  

In addition to packaging long-life products by flushing gas or spraying on preserving aromas, the GSP 65EVO flow wrappers are specifically indicated for large, high or in-chain products using polyethylene or polyolefin film.  

The GSP 65EVO flow wrappers are a result of years of design experience on modified atmosphere packaging machines, creating a very fast, versatile machine for perfectly airtight packaging applications.  

In addition to standard features, the GSP 65EVO flow wrapping machines can also be supplied with various options to suit specific packaging applications.  

Key features of the GSP 65EVO flow wrappers: 

  • Transversal, box motion electronically-controlled sealing unit
  • Designed for fast changeover and, gusseted and square packages on demand
  • Long-time sealing system combined with a low inertia leverage guarantees airtight sealing by putting high pressure on film
  • Ideal for packaging applications in the technical product sector using welding film such as polyolefin or polyethylene
  • Package can have bead seals on demand
  • Also available in BB version with the reel coming from the bottom
  • Both models can be equipped with a belted in-feed and the variable bag length feature
  • Production speed up to 60/70 ppm
  • Packaging materials: Heat-sealable, cold-sealable, polyethylene and polyolefin
  • Machine dimensions GSP65EVO: 5200mm L x 1350mm W x 1700mm H
  • Machine dimensions GSP65EVO-BB: 5400mm L x 1350mm W x 1600mm H

Optional features: 

  • Web width up to 720-920mm
  • Automatic film splicer
  • Gear shift for short/long pitch
  • Double reel holder
  • Gas flushing device for MAP
  • Printing unit
  • Photocell for print registered film
  • Euro-slot die cut
  • Automatically variable bag length
  • Film trimming unit - bead seal
  • Gusseting device
  • Automatic feeding system
  • Polythene version
  • In-feed extension

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