Patlite Signals Distributors (Australia & New Zealand)

PATLITE & SIGNALFX are the world’s leading brand of Advanced Audio Visual Signalling devices, designed to improve safety, security & productivity of any machine, system, hardware, software, infrastructure.

The product range includes IoT Ready LED & Audio Signalling devices, LED Beacons, Audio Speakers, Explosion proof lights and sounder, Network enabled alert devices, MP3 recordable devices, LED Lightbars for emergency vehicles, customisable ... + View more


Supplier news
03/08/11 - Available from Patlite Signal/JTEC, the WH-A wall mounted rotating warning light is suitable for security purposes and has an IP-54 rating for wash down requirements.
Supplier news
03/05/11 - Patlite are supplying LU7 modular system signal towers that are easy to assemble and have a maximum five LED modules.
Supplier news
23/11/10 - BT Signal Phones from Patlite Signal/JTEC are dust and water-jet proof.
Supplier news
22/11/10 - PV Programmable Multi-Message Controllers from Patlite Signal/JTEC can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
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200 Queen Street
Victoria 3004
Tel: 03 9001 2006
Fax: 03 9001 2010

Patlite Signals Distributors (Australia & New Zealand) Brands

apiste ASi AW-H AWS Boomerang light bar Boomerang Style CC-Link CFMG CNC Lighting code3 Devicenet Ready EB EW Exd2B+H2T6 Explosion Proof Safety Lights FA coolers hella HP HRP HWS JE-100 kasagu KJ KJS KJSB KP LCE LHE LME lms LMZ lu7 nagano keiki narva NZA NZH Patlight Patlite Patlite LED Patlite Singaltower Patlite Wideangle PCB cooler plc PLC Ready Plug&Play LED Signal Tower Systems Renate Search Lights RP RP 240 RP-240N SASAKI SB scheneider Valcom WEP werma WME Xenon light bars Xenon Strobe XP Yamato Yazaki

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