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WH-A wall mounted rotating warning lights available now from Patlite Signal/JTEC
03.08.2011 - Available from Patlite Signal/JTEC, the WH-A wall mounted rotating warning light is suitable for security purposes and has an IP-54 rating for wash down requirements.
LU7 modular system signal towers from Patlite
03.05.2011 - Patlite are supplying LU7 modular system signal towers that are easy to assemble and have a maximum five LED modules.
BT Signal Phones from Patlite Signal/JTEC
23.11.2010 - BT Signal Phones from Patlite Signal/JTEC are dust and water-jet proof.
PV Programmable Multi-Message Controllers from Patlite Signal/JTEC
22.11.2010 - PV Programmable Multi-Message Controllers from Patlite Signal/JTEC can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
The Patlite Signal/JTEC KPE Rotating Action LED Flashing Warning Lights
08.10.2010 - The KPE rotating action LED flashing warning lights provide long service life and feature a design requiring minimal maintenance.
Patlite Signal/JTEC introduces the Multi-Layer KJPV and KJT-L/KJT-K Revolving Warning Lights
06.10.2010 - The new highly visible multi-layer KJPV and KJT-L/KJT-K revolving warning lights that integrate audio to offer a doubly effective warning signal for use in a variety of industries and applications.
The PVW Voice Synthesizer Horn Speakers now available from Patlite Signal/JTEC
05.10.2010 - The PVW voice synthesizer horn speakers are suitable for noisy environments and have the capacity to replay a message up to 64 seconds long.
IP66 RLR LED Warning Light Beacon available from Patlite
13.08.2009 - The new RLR Power LED emergency warning beacon is another innovative LED warning technology release from Patlite Signal/JTEC.
JTEC’s Axixtech Micromax Intercept LED covert dash lights available from Patlite Signal/JTEC
14.11.2008 - Axixtech Micromax Intercept LED covert dash light released by JTEC (Japan Technology Corporation), available from Patlite Signal/JTEC, is an economical LED dash light designed for emergency vehicles and commercial vehicles requiring covert emergency
CLF LED work light series available from Patlite Signal/JTEC
13.11.2008 - Patlite Signal/JTEC’s CLF LED work light series is completely glass-free and is suitable for food processing industry and manufacturing environments. It utilises advanced LEDs and is rated IP67f, which makes it completely vibration and water proof.
Patlite Signal/JTEC releases RES Explosion proof revolving warning light
18.06.2007 - RES released by Patlite Signal/JTEC is a High grade Explosion proof revolving warning light designed for environments were complete protection is required.
RHE LED Rotating Beacon available from PATLITE Signal/JTEC
28.05.2007 - PATLITE Signal/JTEC RHE LED Rotating Beacon has been tested to 7G vibration level and maintains stability, thus making it suitable not only for warehouse or industrial applications but also for heavy duty applications such as ForkLifts, construction
LAS LED warning light available from PATLITE Signal/JTEC
25.05.2007 - LAS LED warning light / dash light is a dream unit for those who require the ultimate all-benefits warning panel.
Emergency vehicle light bar
25.07.2006 - PATLITE and JTech's new ergonomic HWS series emergency vehicle light bar is equipped with a modern aerodynamic body designed to reduce air resistance and noise whilst driving at high speeds. The proprietary miniature DC motor is the pride of Patlite.
Xenon strobe beacon warning lights
26.06.2006 - PALITE and JTEC have released a new IP 55 strobe beacon designed for manufacturing, OEM, vehicular and obstacle warning use. The beacon is manufactured in the world class Patlite-Sanda manufacturing plant in Japan with only high quality components.
Economical LED beacon/flashing light
05.04.2006 - PATLITE/JTEC Signal's high intensity LED beacon /flashing light provides increased visibility and maintenance-free operation. Bulb flashing lights are a thing of the past with PATLITE/JTEC Signal's new vibration resistant, low power consumption, main
Rotating beacon
15.03.2006 - PATLITE’S rotating beacon is economical and reliable and comes in 12V, 24V, 120V, or 240V. These are perfect for OEM, industrial and manufacturing. The high quality RH-A rotating beacons are available from Patlite or through distributors.
Industrial speaker horn
06.03.2006 - PATLITE has released the perfect solution for industrial Sound alerting - the EW/EWS LSI Industrial Speaker Horn series with built-in eight tones/melodies, amplifier and controller. Patlite’s high qua
Remote controlled search light
24.01.2006 - PATLITE and JTEC Signal have released Australia's first powerful IP 65 remote controlled search light that can be operated from a remote location including inside a vehicle, in all possible angles. This new light-weight, compact search light features
Large economical and reliable rotating lights
19.01.2006 - PATLITE Signal and JTEC's high quality HRP beacon has been in use by Australian police and Japanese police for more than 20 years. It is primarily used on police and fire truck units due to its robust construction and high reliability.
ASi-connectable LED signal towers
18.01.2006 - PATLITE Signal and JTEC have released a new LED signal tower that can be integrated easily into existing ASi, Uniwire, Devicenet, or CC link systems within manufacturing or other environments. Incorporating ASi technology into signal towers simplifie
Compact quad colour LED signal tower
18.01.2006 - PATLITE Signal and JTEC have released another new concept in FA signal indicating solutions. An all-in-one LED signal tower which provides four colours in the single lens, the LME-Q quad-colour (LED) series of Patlite LED signal towers range.
Economical LED signal towers from Patlite
15.12.2005 - PATLITE Corporation has introduced the second series of new economical LED status indicating light. This low cost but high quality LED signal tower is perfect sizing at 60mm (25mm - 100mm) in diameter
Economical LED signal tower
01.12.2005 - PATLITE Corporation, has released a new economical LED status indicating light. This low cost but high quality status indicating light is slim at 40mm in diameter (25mm, 60mm, 70mm and 100mm are also available) and uses super bright LEDs.
Cutting edge work and inspection lighting
30.11.2005 - PATLITE Corporation's new CLE-24 LED work lamp is a cutting edge lighting system designed specifically for the machine tool, process, inspection and image processing industries. It provides high intensity white illumination, with uniform diffraction.
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