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article image IP 65 remote controlled search light.

PATLITE and JTEC Signal have released Australia's first powerful IP 65 remote controlled search light that can be operated from a remote location including inside a vehicle, in all possible angles.

This new light-weight, compact search light features a luminous intensity of 200,000cd at its centre, while its direction can be remote-controlled vertically over 90° and 40° down and in continuous left-right rotation for quick spotting. This makes it particularly useful while working at high elevations, checking tunnel walls, monitoring rivers and working on telephone poles.

Applications include emergency vehicles (rescue vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, patrol cars, etc), road-maintenance trucks, wreckers and utility service vehicles, along with vessels such as fishing boats and at construction sites, spotlight environments and other special instances.

Features of the main unit include:

* Fully-remote control from inside vehicle.

* IP 65 - water, dust, shock resistant.

* Globe material: super heat-resistant polycarbonate resin.

* Body material: heat-resistant polycarbonate resin.

* All exterior surfaces are comprised of a special plastic that is weather-resistant and corrosion-proof.

* Reflector improvements offering greater size and reflector have achieved a center luminous intensity of 200,000cd (100,000cd for the 24V version)

* The large 11080m reflector gives broader coverage for enhanced productivity.

* The ability to swing 360° right or left (continuous rotation) means there are no dead angles. Moreover, the unit tilts vertically, straight up and downward (90°up - 40°down about the horizontal reference. Downward coverage has been increased by 5° from their previous products.

* A unit weighing just 2.1kg (light unit only) has been achieved.

* No moving parts are left exposed, thus preventing malfunctions due to snow or deep-freeze conditions (down to -30°).

* The halogen bulb (H3), which is readily obtainable, provides a consistently strong flash.

* The unit may be controlled remotely from within or outside the automobile.

* The remote control unit connects via a simple metal plug.

* The unit mounts easily using bolts.

Remote control features include:

* Compact size for use with a single hand.

* User-friendly button sizes and placements for one-touch manipulation.

* Buttons lit internally for positive identification, even in the dark of night.

* Control buttons provide independent on/off switching, as well as reflector mirror revolution.

* Flexible magnet for attachment of the control to the car body.

* Compact accessory holder for storage of remote control when not in use.

* Simple DIN plug remote control connector.

* Single remote control controls multiple output receptacles.

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