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LAS LED warning light available from PATLITE Signal/JTEC

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article image LAS LED Warning / dash light

This economical water proof and vibration proof high grade LED panel is designed and manufactured for use in vehicular, forklift, emergency vehicular, construction machinery warning, truck loading bay, factory and building safety warning:

It uses new power LED technology perfecting optimum brightness and durability while maintaining low power consumption and longevity.

The LAS LED warning light / dash light available from PATLITE Signal/JTEC is a dream unit for those who require the ultimate all-benefits warning panel.

Low power consumption; no more worrying about you car battery running dry

Vibration proof; perfect for use with fork lift, construction machinery or mining sector

  • Water proof: outdoor / indoor use
  • Long life means it is completely maintenance free and will save you on replacement cost
  • Super bright; blinding brightness from direct view
  • Economical product cost with low running costs

With all of the listed benefits this is the ideal solution to your vehicular or industrial safety and warning requirement.

Summary of feature and benefits listed below:

  • Super strong, vibration proof, water proof, and maintenance free, compact
  • Enhanced illumination: Use of super bright Japanese power LED with special optimised lens design for high illumination and wide angled emission
  • Improved visibility through special design lens: From the front and oblique direction

Suitable for use for vehicular safety warning, forklift warning, emergency vehicular warning, construction machinery warning, factory safety warning, manufacturing environment warning

  • Flashing pattern: 10 built-in patterns and simultaneous multi-unit flash available (LAB/LAR series combinable)
  • Mode option: Switchable between master- and slave-mode with wiring system
  • Linking multiple LAS lights with synchronised flashing is possible.
  • Mount type: direct mount with L-angle bracket
  • Can be used in place of a vehicle light bar or rotating beacon (warning light/safety light etc)
  • Dual 12v / 24v unit
  • Available colours: red, amber, blue. white
  • 360 degrees LED signal beacon also available

Also suitable for Defense force use, mining environment, construction machinery warning, fork lift warning, truck, police and under cover vehicle, fire vehicle, emergency and security vehicle, and for any situations where visual warning is required.

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