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PATLITE Signal and JTech 's new ergonomic HWS series emergency vehicle light bar is equipped with a modern aerodynamic body designed to reduce air resistance and noise whilst driving at high speeds.

The proprietary miniature DC motor is the pride of Patlite, boasting achievements like economical 0.1-amp power consumption, operating temperature as low as -40ºC, and a rated life of 10,000 hours.

Patlite says the light bar is amazingly well priced for its quality & performance.

Patlite is used by police, army, ambulances and fire trucks world wide, with a 99% market share in Japan.

Features include:

* High grade construction vehicle light bar approved by police and defense force in Japan.

* Unique reflector system delivers a powerful flash and warning light

* Ultra low power consumption - PATLITE motor uses only 0.1 amp power

* Operating temperatures from - 40ºC - High performance in weather

* Reduced battery consumption means fewer loads on car batteries

* Excellent Aerodynamic character boasts superior stability in operation

* Reduction in wind resistance results in less noise and fuel consumption.

* Built-in Integrated Speaker system under chassis body (discreet)

* Discreet yet powerful speaker system 90-120db

* Halogen 55w or 70w - Low power consumption version is 35w halogen

* Xenon Strobe type available - 1/3 power consumption triple flash

* Vehicle light bar lengths available in - 1108mm, 1368mm, 1628mm

* Mounting bracket types - flexible direct mount, bracket or Hook.

* Special Crystal Clear Polycarbonate casing for striking light effect.

* Colours for vehicle Light bar - amber/yellow, red, blue or any combination.

The HW series emergency lighting vehicle light bar will be available soon on the Australian market for wholesale or retail purchase.

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