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ASi-connectable LED signal towers

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article image ASi supported LED signal tower.

PATLITE Signal and JTEC have released a new LED signal tower that can be integrated easily into existing ASi, Uniwire, Devicenet, or CC link systems within manufacturing or other environments.

Incorporating ASi technology into signal towers simplifies electrical design for machine builders and saves on costs.

The LED signal towers can even be combined with other devices on the same cable, saving costs in machine wiring and installation time.

This makes the use of ASi LED signal tower even more attractive.

Features include:

* Patlite LED lens with light life of 100,000 hours.

* Direct connection with ASi cable without I/O terminals.

* Easy addition, replacement and reconfiguration.

* Electrical power and control signals can be regulated by ASi cable type.

* For small scale system network (total current of network is less than 2A).....A type (ASi cable type:LHE type only).

* For large scale system network (total current of network is bigger than 2A).....E type (ASi auxiliary power cable type).

* Addresses are stored in EEPROM by address setter. To operate ASi supported signal towers, ASi corresponding controller such as ASi master is required.

* Single plug and play cable connection to network.

* High-quality Japanese quality control and manufacturing.

* Interchangeable colours and combination of colours.

* Available in 50 or 70mm diameter, There is also a wall-mounted indicator, which has a depth of only 37.5mm.

* Optional alarm 90DB with volume control.

* Low current consumption - typically 50mA or less, the signal towers can be operated off a single ASi cable provided the total demand for the system is less than 2A.

* For larger scale networks, there are also signal tower models suitable that use a second ASi line for 24V auxiliary power supply.

* Designed and manufactured by No1 Signaling Company in Japan.

Also available are signal towers and wall-mounted indicators for Devicenet, Uniwire, CC link connection.

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