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Pathfinder’s Dedicated Knife Cutting System for Automotive and HVAC Industries

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Pathfinder Australia  offers a dedicated knife cutting system for the automotive and HVAC industries based on advanced automatic knife cutting technology.

Designed and manufactured in Tullamarine, Victoria and sold around the world, Pathfinder’s specialised automatic knife cutting systems are ideal for cutting soft materials found in the automotive and HVAC industries.

Pathfinder’s insulation knife cutting system offers better productivity than the CNC water jet cutting technology used traditionally for cutting insulation materials. 

Key advantages of the Pathfinder knife cutting technology:  

  • Up to 10 times greater productivity over traditional water jet cutters
  • Better cut quality, especially in high loft materials
  • Clean dry cutting with no residue
  • Environment-friendly process with low power consumption, no water consumption and zero waste
K-series DuctMaster

The K-series DuctMaster cutters allow 3D shape cutting of semi-rigid materials, especially those used in the creation of air-conditioning ducts.

Semi-rigid duct boards are superior in many ways to traditional steel ducts.

Duct boards can be delivered directly to the floor of a high rise in a ‘flat pack’ form, significantly reducing transportation costs for the contractor.

Pathfinder’s automatic 3D knife cutting system, DuctMaster will read the industry standard files from existing software and cut the boards perfectly to size.

DuctMaster will then automatically generate labels for each piece identifying order number, part number, date stamp and other details required ensuring the cut components are processed without error.

While CNC routers are presently used for cutting duct boards automatically, Pathfinder’s DuctMaster technology offers advantages such as: 

  • Increased productivity with significantly faster operation than routers
  • Clean cutting with zero waste
  • Cut remnant is retained allowing convenient storing and stacking of pre-cut flat sheets
  • Enhanced material utilisation
  • Conveyorised system optimises workflow and productivity
  • Quiet operation 
PathWorks CAD software

Pathfinder also offers an innovative CAD software, PathWorks that enables an operator to go from physical hard template to production cutting within minutes.

Patterns can be created digitally using three methods: 

  • Digitising using a standard camera ‘photo-digitising’ function or laser integrated within the cutting system
  • Imports industry standard files
  • Pattern design on screen

Automatic pattern nesting alongside magnetic pattern nesting guarantees efficient material utilisation. The CAD software offers user-friendly operation.  

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