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New CAD software from Pathfinder designed for easy learning

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Pathfinder Australia  has released a new CAD software designed for pattern digitizing, development and nesting.
The PathWorks CAD/CAM pattern digitizing and automatic pattern nesting software is a unique software that enables a person who has never used CAD previously to learn it in less than 30 minutes, according to Wayne Walker, Pathfinder’s Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand.
As a manufacturer of automated cutting room solutions since 1996, Pathfinder has worked closely with many ACASPA manufacturers and has also serviced industries such as apparel, furniture, automotive, aerospace and military.
Normally, larger companies are well equipped with technical personnel familiar with CAD software and in most cases, utilise this technology extensively within their existing manufacturing process.
However, smaller companies taking the first steps to CAD/CAM software find existing software solutions very complex and require at least a week or more of training. Additionally, re-training staff to replace those that have left or are on holiday is both disruptive and costly.
Realising that CAD software had to be made easier for users, Pathfinder’s in-house software engineers developed PathWorks, which will enable a company to have multiple persons trained and available to digitize and nest patterns, enabling efficient use of material. This flexibility will increase the business’ profitability by eliminating the risk of manufacturing interruption while increasing material yield and decreasing the skills required.
Key features of PathWorks CAD software:

  • Complete integration with every task working under one program
  • Capable of working with open shapes
  • Magnetic nesting manual nesting feature simulates a gravitational attraction between shapes
  • Automatic nesting provides fast and efficient nesting

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