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Partners I C  specialises in the supply of electronic components. Partners I C locates these electronic components in the global marketplace and supplies it to OEM’s as well as various contract manufacturing customers. Partners I C ensures to supply these electronic components at cost effective rates. Partners I C forms a global network which functions by supplying the appropriate electronic components to its partners when required. Partners I C believes in creating reliable as well as friendly partnerships with the customers. Some of the beneficial features of partnership with Partners I C include shorter lead times as well as low procurement costs.

Partners I C supplies a diverse range of electronic components from various manufacturers including Acte, Advanced Linear Devices, Advanced Micro Devices, Aerovox, Agilent Technologies, Allegro Microsystems, American Microsystems, American Technical Ceramics, IBM Microelectronics, IBM Storage System, IDM, Q-Logic, Powerex, Q-Logic, Quick Logic, Waferscale Integration, Vivid Semiconductor, Venkel, Vortex, Voltronics, Thompson Components, Space Electronics, ST Microelectronics, Space Electronics, Microchip Technology, Rambus, RF Monolithics, Rochester Electronics, ITW Pakton, Integrated Device Technology, Intel, Kemet, Lattice, Linear Technology, Level One Communications, LG Semicon, Logic Devices, Lucent Technologies and many others.

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