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The Mercury Porosimetry Autopore analyser

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MERCURY Porosimetry by Autopore is now available from the Particle & Surface Sciences Pty Ltd Analytical Services Laboratory.

The Particle & Surface Sciences Analytical Services Laboratory provides analytical services in the field of fine particle technology. These services include the characterisation of particle size, shape and counting, surface area, density, gas adsorption and mercury porosimetry.

The Micromeritics Autopore analyser can measure many sample characteristics such as total pore volume, pore size distributions, total pore volume, total pore surface area, median pore diameter and sample densities.

Mercury porosimetry characterises a material's porosity by applying various levels of pressure to a sample immersed in mercury. The pressure required to intrude mercury into the sample's pores is inversely proportional to the size of the pores.

The Micromeritics Autopore can measure a wide range of materials including resins, leather, ceramics, fuel cell components, filters, adsorbents, pharmaceuticals, membranes, textiles, pigments, catalysts, carbons and many other porous materials.

The Micromeritics Autopore can determine pore size distributions with a volume resolution better than 0.1 microlitre. The quality of the Autopore's volume resolution depends on its ability to accurately detect minute changes in capacitance, not on a sheer number of readings. The Micromeritics Autopore can also determine broader pore size distribution with better speed and accuracy than other methods.

Fine particle technology and the characterisation of fine particles is being utilised in almost every industry including pharmaceutical, ceramics, minerals, paints, coatings, cosmetics, water quality and oil cleanliness just to name a few.

Particle and Surface Sciences Pty. Limited has been assisting companies with their particle characterisation needs since 1991.

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