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Spinning drop video tensiometer

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THE spinning drop video tensiometer, available through Particle & Surface Sciences , measures small to ultra low interface tension.

It is utilised for the software-controlled measurement and analysis of the static, time and temperature dependent interfacial tensions according to the spinning drop and oscillating spinning drop method, the 2D-/3D-extensional relaxation visco-elastic liquids and membrane encapsulated liquids drops by variation the rotational speed.

Also for the yield point of liquid crystalline and paste like materials, including the dispersive and polar parts of liquids of surface and interfacial tension with error limits.

The Dataphysics SVT 20 consists of a precision capillary delivery system which is electronically controlled, a video measuring system with high-resolution CCD-camera, high-performance frame grabber, and controlled stroboscopic LED illumination.

Droplet rotation is electronically controlled and the tilting base allows the position to be adjusted.

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