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SOLAIR 1100LD Airborne Particle Counters from Particle and Surface Sciences

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article image SOLAIR 1100LD Airborne Particle Counters

Particle & Surface Sciences has launched new airborne particle counters by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, the SOLAIR 1100LD.  PsS distribute Lighthouse products in Australia .

The SOLAIR 1100LD (Laser Diode) leads the industry as the first of its kind portable particle counter with 0.10 micron sensitivity and 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM) flow rate using long life laser diode technology. Conventional HeNe (Helium Neon) particle counters require frequent cleaning, periodic Laser tube replacement and suffer low concentration limits.

The thermally-controlled exhaust system and HEPA filter option prevent any external contamination. Weighing just 26 Lbs (11.8 Kg) with the Li-Ion battery option, the SOLAIR 1100LD is the smallest, lightest and coolest running 0.10 micron, 1.0 CFM portable particle counter on the market.

The easy to use icon-driven interface with multiple languages simplifies training and SOP writing. Its Cleanroom Standard report wizards make the SOLAIR 1100LD the preferred clean room certification tool and eliminate the need for complex UCL calculations. Its flexible communication and data logging capabilities enable the SOLAIR 1100LD to connect to Ethernet or RS-485 networks, connect point-to-point to a PC using USB or securely export its data to a USB Flash Drive.

The SOLAIR 1100LD can be used as a portable instrument or easily integrated into a facility monitoring system.

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