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Particle size analysers for sedimentation techniques released

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article image Micromeritics SediGraph III Plus

The new Micromeritics SediGraph III Plus particle size analyser uses the highly accurate and reproducible sedimentation technique to determine particle size.

The sedimentation technique, which involves measuring the gravity-induced settling rates of particles of different sizes in a liquid with known properties, is a simple yet extremely effective method to derive particle size information for a wide variety of materials. Applications include ceramics, geological/soil science, minerals and inorganic chemicals, abrasives, pigments, metal powders, construction materials and catalysts.

The Micromeritics SediGraph is considered the industry standard for particle size analysis in many laboratories throughout the world. Having been in use for over three decades, the particle size analysers continue to produce accurate results with superior reliability in rugged production environments as well as controlled laboratory settings.

While particle size distribution is measured using the sedimentation method, particle mass is measured directly via X-ray absorption. By measuring the rate at which particles fall under gravity through a liquid having known properties as described by Stokes’ Law, the SediGraph particle size analyser determines the equivalent spherical diameter of particles ranging from 300 to 0.1 micrometers.

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