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Particle and Surface Sciences launches POLA 2000

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Particle and Surface Sciences  launched POLA 2000, a particle counter for oil and aqueous liquids. The newly developed POLA 2000 system will complement the Particle and Surface Sciences product range.

The POLA 2000 is a robust particle counter designed for counting particles in various liquids using laser light obscuration. POLA 2000 is simple to use and fully portable with built-in-carry handle.

Features include:

  • Robust IP54 certified enclosure
  • User adjustable size channels over the required size range at >50 size intervals
  • Constant pump speed regardless of viscosity
  • 25ml/minute flow rate
  • Size range from 2um—150um
  • Can be calibrated ISO 11171 reporting (ISO 4406:1999), SAE AS4059D
  • Also calibrated using Latex for aqueous applications
  • Windows software
  • Latex calibration: Typically 8 points
  • Sample volume: User selectable up to 1 Litre
  • PC connection: USB
  • Temperature range: 0-50oC
  • Humidity: Non-Condensing
  • Power input: 240/110V DC
  • Laser source: Class 3R laser ? = 635nm, max power <5mV
Applications include hydraulic fluids, used oils, cell counting, biological applications.

POLA 2000 is simple to use and fully portable with built-in carry handle. The system is controlled via a sophisticated windows analysis programme that provides the operator with a high-resolution distribution of the particles over the selected size range, which is typically 1 micron to 150 microns.

The POLA 2000 can be used in two different modes, depending on the applications. Using it in the latex calibration mode, it is ideal for any type of application where the user requires a detailed study of the size distribution of the particles. In the ISO calibration mode, the results can be displayed in the various ISO or NAS codes for oils, hydraulic fluids or any other standard required.

Particle and Surface Sciences (PsS) is a specialist scientific company that provide a wide range of instrumentation and services for characterising particles. They have systems that can measure particles from sub-micron up to millimeter sizes for parameters such as particle size, surface area, particle count, shape, porosity and density.

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