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Particle & Surface Sciences introduces the NanoSight NS200 Nanoparticle Characterisation System

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article image NanoSight NS200 Nanoparticle Characterisation System

Particle & Surface Sciences  introduces the NS200 nanoparticle characterisation system, the latest nanoparticle product from NanoSight UK.  

PsS is the sole distributor of the NanoSight range of products throughout Australia and New Zealand.  

The NS200 nanoparticle characterisation system will be exhibited for the first time at the renowned US Pittsburgh Conference and Exposition being held in 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia from March 14th until 17th.  

Based on the well-adopted LM20 model applying their unique particle-by-particle visualisation and counting method, Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis or NTA, NanoSight has developed a user-friendly instrument with a high sensitivity camera built into the housing of the system.  

Featuring optimised locators that facilitate easy positioning of the measurement cell and with an electronic readout of the cell test temperature, NanoSight’s nanoparticle characterisation system meets the growing need for instruments with a recognised standard operating procedure (SOP).  

Key features of NanoSight NS200 nanoparticle characterisation system:  

  • Optional blue laser to improve imaging capability and fluorescence filters for working with suitably labelled particles
  • EMCCD (electron multiplying CCD) camera is designed with maximal speed and sensitivity
  • EMCCD offers enhanced performance with 37 full frames/second collected directly through a universal USB2.0 interface
  • Laser in the NS200 is triggered to reduce thermal issues with respect to the sample, restricting photo bleaching during fluorescence imaging  
  • Rapid training ensures operators can produce consistent results within a very short time

NanoSight’s NS200 nanoparticle characterisation system finds application in diverse environments from life sciences through materials sciences with over 300 systems installed worldwide for the study of nanoparticles.   

Particle & Surface Sciences also offers a wide-ranging programme of support solutions including installation and service of all instruments by factory-trained technicians, an analytical laboratory as well as a sales department to assist with enquiries. 

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