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Particle & Surface Sciences introduces new series angle measuring instrument

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article image OCA 20 angle measuring instrument

Particle & Surface Sciences  has introduced the video-supported contact angle measuring instrument OCA 20.

The OCA 20 angle measuring instrument is from the comprehensive modular OCA construction kit and is characterised by a multitude of technical detail solutions in mechanical, optical and electronical components and by its powerful software modules.

The OCA 20 was developed for the measurement of the static and dynamic contact angles according to the Sessile and Captive Drop Method and the Pendant Drop Method, to determine the surface free energy of solid bodies and their components as well as for determining the surface and interface tension of liquids from the drop or lamella contour.

The OCA 20 is equipped with a high-resolution CCD camera and a six-fold power zoom lens with integrated fine focusing.

The particularly high-contrast image quality of the lens and the homogeneous background lighting will delight every user and not only during contact angle measurement.

Since the detection of the precise temperature is important for all thermodynamic values, DataPhysics has already integrated temperature measurement in the range from -10 to +400°C in all OCA systems.

The sample stage adjustable in three degrees of freedom permits a comfortable adjustment of the measuring positions on the sample body.

Additionally, the hollow dosing needles for the test liquids can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to the optical axis.

Other components in the OCA construction kit are electrical, Peltier and liquid temperature control devices (temperature ranges -10 to +400°C) and special manual or electronical sample stages for wafers, foils or textiles.

With the extended version OCA20L, DataPhysics offers solutions even for extraordinary sample sizes, e.g. for printing cylinders.

The micro-controller module in the OCA 20 ensures movement, reproducibility and precision in liquid handling and during measurement. In next to no time, one of the four optional motor-driven dosing modules is connected to the OCA 20 and the control software.

In defining the dosing system parameters, presetting a test process, recording the measuring values and evaluating and analysing the measuring results, the user is supported by the intuitively controllable software of the SCA series, which has many graphic elements and was developed as a 32-bit-application for Windows.

DataPhysics has specialised in exact and reliable methods for drop contour evaluation with statistic error analysis.

In the OCA construction kit the user will find exactly the instrument he needs for his jobs - the basic instrument for the small and bigger budget, extension modules, software, computers, system components, peripherals and accessories.

Video based contact angle measuring device OCA 20 with multiple-dosing unit MD, 4 electronic syringe units ES and software SCA22 for calculation of the surface and interfacial tension.

DataPhysics can also to develop and fabricate customer-specific solutions.

Applications include biomedical, university, research and development laboratories and pharmaceutical.

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