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Online Particle Analysis System from Particle & Surface Sciences

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The POLA 3000 from Particle & Surface Sciences is a specially designed system for online particle analysis that integrates a number of different components into one complete unit.  

POLA 3000 particle analysis system is based on an image analysis principle and has an in-built CCD (charge coupled device).  

It also has a computer in the form of a chip inside so that no external PCs are required, which can be easily damaged in harsh environments.  

All the electronics such as frame grabbers and synchronisation electronics to control feeders for supplying the particles to the POLA 3000 particle analysis system for analysis are also inside the sealed case.  

The data outputs can be in the form of RS232 or RS485 and RS422 in process situations where data needs to be transmitted across long distances.  

The data is in the industry standard protocol Modbus, making it easy to interface with PLC systems that are already on the process line. The whole particle analysis system is powered by 24 volts, thus reducing heat problems associated with high voltages.  

Once the images of particles have been acquired, each image is analysed continuously and the data put into the database, which can be transmitted to the PLC at regular intervals.  

There are also four digital outputs that can be used for data transmission. The particle analysis system is designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.  

POLA 3000 particle analysis systems find application in the analysis of granules, crystals, sugar, salt, iron ore, cereals, fertiliser pellets, aggregates, polymers, coffee, minerals, food and coal.  


  • Online, real-time particle size and shape analysis
  • Replaces traditional labour-intensive methods
  • Directly interfaces with PLC control systems using industry standard Modbus software
  • Continuously inspects and analyses products in real-time
  • Built-in microprocessor
  • Robust design for harsh environments
  • Small compact unit
  • Particle size range from 40 microns to over 40 millimetres

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