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NanoCount liquid particle counters for semiconductor, flat panel display and data storage customers

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article image NanoCount 30C+ liquid particle counter
Particle & Surface Sciences  introduces NanoCount liquid particle counters from Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions.
The NanoCount 30C+ liquid particle counter is based on Lighthouse’s advanced optical particle counting technology for measurement of high purity water and process chemicals. The new NanoCount 30C+ can detect particles as small as 30nm in process chemicals, complementing the existing NanoCount 25+ and NanoCount 30+ products, which detect particles down to 25nm in high purity water.
One of the world’s most sensitive liquid particle counters, the NanoCount 25+ uses a short wavelength high power laser and low noise multi-element detector to provide highly precise and sensitive measurement of particles in high purity water.

According to Bill Shade, Vice President of Marketing and Engineering at Lighthouse, the NanoCount 30+ and NanoCount 30C+ are ideal for customers who need to replace their existing 50 and 65 nanometer liquid particle counters for ultra-pure water and process chemicals. With added sensitivity the NanoCount 30+ can extend the life of existing water systems for future device geometries.
Lighthouse offers a complete line of liquid particle counters including 50 and 65 nanometer products that are direct replacements for companies ready to replace their current liquid particle counters.
Superior to previous generation technologies in terms of precision, the NanoCount technology can measure particle levels in water and process chemical delivery systems below 100 counts per litre with no errors from cosmic noise interference. The advanced precision allows for early detection of contamination before it impacts product quality and yield.
Lighthouse particle counters and real-time contamination monitoring systems are distributed by Particle & Surface Sciences throughout Australia and New Zealand. PsS offers a complete line of contamination monitoring solutions including airborne particle counts, liquid particle counts, airborne molecular contamination, mass concentration levels, electrostatic charge (ESD) monitoring instruments, temperature, relative humidity and total organic carbon monitoring among others.

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