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Mipoy’s Optical Measuring Instruments available from Particle & Surface Sciences

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article image Mipoy's Optical Measuring Instruments Measure Particle Emissions in Stacks

Particle & Surface Sciences  distributes a range of products manufactured by MIP Electronics Ltd. (Mipoy).  

Specialising in particle emissions measurement solutions, Mipoy develops and manufactures optical measuring instruments for measuring emissions in stacks.  

Mipoy also delivers a range of equipment for measuring noise, vibration and in-door air quality in any working environment for the domestic and neighbouring market.  

Typical applications of Mipoy’s optical measuring instruments:  

  • Power plants that burn oil, coal or bio-fuel
  • Steel and iron furnaces
  • Cement plants
  • Applications that require continuous, accurate and reliable measurements of dust emissions

Particle & Surface Sciences introduces the MIP LM 3086 SE, an advanced range of dust and opacity monitors designed to provide high accuracy and long-term reliability.  

Key features of the opacity and dust monitors: 

  • Reliable laser technology
  • Easy installation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Unique simulated zero and span calibration system
  • Continuous control of optical surfaces
  • Automatic shutter

Particle & Surface Sciences also offers wide-ranging support solutions for their optical measuring instruments including installation and service of all instruments.

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