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Micromeritics Saturn DigiSizer II High Definition Digital Particle Size Analyzer

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Particle & Surface Sciences  supplies the Saturn DigiSizer II high definition digital particle size analyser from Micromeritics.  

Utilising a state-of-the-art CCD detector containing over three million detector ele­ments, Mie theory, and unique design and data reduction features, the Saturn Digi­Sizer II provides an extremely high level of resolution and sensitivity not available in other laser particle sizing systems.  

Higher resolution gives better information about the sample, providing more accurate results in even the most complex sample types.  

In addition, the instrument produces fast, detailed results that are repeatable on and reproducible between every Saturn Digi­Sizer in every location all over the world.  

Both organic and inorganic particles can be analysed and measured over a range of 40 nanometres to 2500 micrometers.  

The Saturn DigiSizer II includes a complete system for circulating the dispersing liquid/sample mix­ture through the cell and reservoir, as well as to an external waste container.  

Features such as fully automated sampling and low-volume sample handling systems make the Saturn DigiSizer II ideal for a wide range of production, research and quality control applications.  

One multifunction personal computer can control up to two analysers, each with a liquid sample handler and two MasterTech 052 Autosamplers, allow­ing automatic analysis of up to 18 samples sequentially without further intervention.  

The liquid sample handler unit (LSHU) enables automatic sample handling. Avail­able in two configurations, the standard unit includes a reservoir that is adjust­able between 590 to 690 mL of dispersed sample. This model is best suited for samples containing coarse or high-density particles.  

The low-volume unit includes a reservoir that is adjustable between 100 to 120 mL of dispersed sample and is best suited for analyses where the sample quantity or dispersion liquid is limited, or where the dispersion liquid may be hazardous or not easily disposable.  

Both sample handlers also allow for connection of an ultrasonic probe to assist in sample dispersion.  

The Saturn DigiSizer II analysis program is designed to operate in the Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Business or Ultimate environment and includes wizards and intuitive screens enabling the user to perform system operations quickly and efficiently.  

In addition, Micromeritics Confirm 21 CFR Part 11 software assists with compli­ance to FDA regulations. Combined with Micromeritics’ IQ and OQ services, the user can be assured that the Saturn Di­giSizer system is validated for accuracy, reliability as well as consistent performance and provides safeguards to protect the integrity of analysis records.  

System access is limited to authorised individuals. Secure, com­puter-generated, time-stamped audit trails are integral parts of the software program.  

Key features of the Saturn Di­giSizer system include:

  • Extremely high resolution yielding accurate results
  • State-of-the-art CCD with over three million detector elements
  • Measurement range of 40 nanometres to 2500 micrometers
  • Two available liquid sample handlers can test a wide variety of samples
  • Fast and detailed results are repeatable on and reproducible between every Saturn DigiSizer
  • One computer can control up to two analysers
  • Up to 18 samples may be handled without intervention when used in conjunction with the MasterTech 052 Autosampler


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