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M240 personal micro-environmental aerosol speciation sampler

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M240 is a Personal Micro-environmental Aerosol Speciation Sampler (PMASS) available from Particle & Surface Sciences . It is a compact sampler with a miniaturized, sharp-cut cyclone inlet and two parallel collection channels. Each channel accommodates a denuder and two tandem filters for complete, artifact-free evaluation of the chemical composition of particles below 2.5 µm diameter.

The PMASS aerosol speciation sampler is light and small enough to be worn by a person. Field tests yield results equivalent to that of conventional samplers. The device may also be used with a desktop sampling station for sampling in a microenvironment.
The PMASS aerosol speciation sampler is a miniaturized version of field-proven samplers using denuder-filter packs to collect aerosol particles without artifacts from vapor adsorption or particle volatilization. Air is sampled through the cyclone inlet at a flow rate of 4L/min. The cyclone is a dry, non-greased collector of particles larger than 2.5 μm. The transmitted PM-2.5 aerosol is split into two parallel channels.

This allows simultaneous collection on different types of filter media, as needed for multiple chemical analyses. Typically one channel is used for inorganic and mass analysis and the other for organic carbon analysis. Each channel accommodates a carbon multi-cell denuder, which removes interfering vapors while transmitting particles to the primary filter. An adsorbing backup filter recovers particulateMatter volatilized from the primary filter during sampling. To minimize weight, the sampler body is constructed of low-density polyethylene. To prevent electrostatic losses all surfaces contacted by aerosol upstream of the filter are made of aluminum. 

Features of the Aerosol Speciation Sampler  :

  • Metal cyclone inlet, no grease or oil.
  • Two parallel filter collection channels.
  • Each channel accommodates a denuder and one or two filters. 
  • Flow rate is 2 L/min per channel.
  • Total flow rate of 4 L/min is easily supplied by battery powered personal pump.
  • Surfaces upstream of filters are electrically conducting aluminum.
  • Total sampler weight is approximately 300g.

Applications of the Aerosol Speciation Sampler   :

  • Simultaneous measurement of inorganic and organic aerosols.
  • Evaluation of personal exposures to PM2.5 mass, nitrates,sulphates, organic and elemental carbon.
  • Evaluation of personal exposure to metal aerosols.
  • Studies of personal exposure in various environments. e.g. mine sites
  • Personal sampling and stationary Micro-environmental sampling.  

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