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Lighthouse Range of Cleanroom Monitoring Instrumentation available from Particle & Surface Sciences

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Particle & Surface Sciences  introduces a range of instruments by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions designed specifically for cleanroom monitoring applications.  

Cleanroom Certification and Testing

Cleanroom certification and testing is an important part of any cleanroom facility.

Particle counters are available from Lighthouse that have been specifically created for cleanroom testing and certification.

These particle counters are lightweight and durable instruments with secure data storage and retrieval capabilities. Data can be easily downloaded for cleanroom certification reports.

Monitoring Particles in Cleanroom Air

Lighthouse instruments and systems are designed to monitor contaminants reliably, accurately and continuously. Proper monitoring reduces and prevents yield losses in cleanrooms.

Lighthouse systems can activate alarms when contamination poses an immediate threat to manufacturing processes. Alternatively, these systems can function as preventative mechanisms by documenting emerging trends long before the contamination affects productivity.

Cleanroom monitoring generally requires a variety of complementary techniques. Lighthouse provides a complete solution comprising of manually-operated handheld and portable particle counters, fully-automated systems and sequential as well as real-time particle counting equipment.

Environmental Instruments

Vaisala Temperature/Relative Humidity Sensors

Temperature/ relative humidity sensors are designed for tighter cleanroom ranges.

The wall-mounted HMW60/70 humidity and temperature transmitters are used for highly sensitive cleanroom monitoring applications where accurate and stable measurement of humidity and temperature is required.

Air Velocity

Laminar flow cleanrooms operate on the principle of moving air forcing contaminants to move in a desired direction. Non-laminar flow cleanrooms operate on the dilution principle.

Monitoring the air velocity at HEPA or ULPA filter faces, workstations or exhaust locations can help maintain the proper conditions to guaranty proper dilution or laminar flow.    

Differential Pressure Sensors

The Lighthouse differential pressure sensor is designed as a low-cost solution for remote monitoring of differential pressure.

Designed to be placed in close proximity to air handling equipment, the sensor can monitor pressure differential in a room, mini-environment or at a tool location in real-time.

The differential pressure sensor is available in both frequency and 4 - 20 mA output version, making it compatible with virtually any interface system.  

Handheld 3016 IAQ Particle Counters  

Ergonomically designed and lightweight, the Lighthouse 3016 IAQ is a highly advanced range of handheld particle counters in the market, featuring mass concentration mode that approximates density in μg/m³.  

Offering 6 channels of simultaneous particle counting, the handheld 3016 IAQ displays both cumulative and differential particle count data as well as temperature/relative humidity data on its easy-to-read 3.8” (9.65cm) touch screen.  

A removable battery maximises the handheld’s uptime. Data is easily downloaded using the Lighthouse data transfer software.

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