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Clemex image analysis system available from Particle & Surface Sciences

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CIR (Computerised Inclusion Rating) allows laboratories and steel mills to vastly improve their productivity by automatically analysing inclusion with impressive speed and accuracy. 

Particle & Surface Sciences has released a new product by Clemex Technologies. Clemex is a source of image analysis systems for quantitative microscopy, which provide detailed information of morphology, particle size, number and shape parameters.

CIR allows users to analyse up to 24 samples at multiple heats in the same run within a few minutes.

Clemex Inclusion Rating can analyse any size area including the standard 160 mm² as required by ASTM and 200mm by ISO, in less than 3 minutes.

Clemex CIR software can automatically find the physical edge of each sample to create patterns that cover surface area. Clemex CIR software also displays a multi field map of detected inclusions for each sample making it easier to validate results.

The operator can switch from one sample map to another quickly and easily since the positions and types of each inclusion are in memory.

STG files can be opened and saved in a New Stage Menu and the images can also be saved during a Run.

Within the same analysis, Clemex’s steel inclusion rating software detects sulfides, aluminates, silicates and globular oxides as well as the single globular types.

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