Parklands Power Products (Aust) News

Parklander expands walk-behind mowers range
02.11.2012 - Parklands Power Products (Aust) has expanded its Parklander range of pushmowers with the addition of four new models.
New Grasshopper Diesel Zero-Turn Mower from Parklands Products
01.12.2011 - The Grasshopper 325D midmount zero-turn radius mower, sets an extremely high standard for economy and maintenance.
Parklands Power Products offers Murray MT24520H ride on mowers
14.09.2011 - Murray MT24520H ride on mowers are now available from Power Products (Aust), providing a durable and reliable solution for even the most demanding mowing tasks.
Oleo-Mac SA18 1In plastic body pump available now from Parklands Power Products
26.07.2011 - Available now from Parklands Power Products, the Oleo-Mac SA18 1In pump is a compact, lightweight, and powerful pump capable of pumping 150L per minute.
Oleo-Mac BV162 - Safe ergonomic blowers from Parklands
07.06.2011 - Oleo-Mac BV162 blowers feature a comfortable padded frame, trigger control and swivel/flexi-tube section.
Tanaka TED-270RS 2-stroke engine drill from Parklands Power Products
29.04.2011 - Parklands Power Products are supplying the Tanaka TED-270RS 2-stroke engine drill suitable for fencing and a multitude of other applications.
Murray (NLA ) 309006X00 13.5HP mid-engine riders from Parklands Power Products (Aust)
03.12.2010 - The Murray (NLA ) 309006X00 13.5HP mid-engine riders from Parklands Power Products (Aust) combine Mulch'n'Mow options and all the other great features of the larger step-thru designs.
Parklander SL-600B hedgetrimmers available from Parklands Power Products (Aust)
02.12.2010 - Parklands Power Products (Aust) introduces the Parklander SL-600B, hedgetrimmers built for tough for Aussie conditions.
Oleo-Mac Earth Augers 81CC from Parklands Power Products (Aust)
21.10.2010 - The Oleo-Mac Earth Augers 81CC from Parklands Power Products (Aust) are designed for two men operations in construction sites and larger jobs.
Oleo-Mac rotary tillers from Parklands Power Products (Aust)
20.10.2010 - The Oleo-Mac rotary tillers from Parklands Power Products (Aust) are fitted with reinforced chainguards that withstand flying stones and accidental impacts.
Heavy duty Parklander 37 cc chainsaws from Parklands Power Products (Aust)
19.10.2010 - The heavy duty Parklander 37 cc chainsaws from Parklands Power Products (Aust) feature 1.5kw two-stroke engines and 2 piston rings for performance, longevity and easier starting components.
Amazone Groundkeepers from Parklands Power Products (Aust)
18.10.2010 - The Amazone Groundkeepers from Parklands Power Products (Aust) carefully manage public parks, athletic grounds, paddocks, golf courses and other greens throughout the year.
New ATV Model and UTV Upgrades Announced By Parklands
30.07.2010 - Four-wheel drive (4WD) ATVs are superior off-road vehicles for people seeking thrills or performing serious farm work.
Oleo-Mac Chainsaw Series from Parklands Power Products
26.03.2010 - Parklands Power Products provides the Oleo-Mac chainsaws series. These Oleo-Mac chainsaw series are portable mechanical saws that are designed ergonomically.
Parklander off-road range expanded with new ATV And dirt bike
03.03.2010 - With the introduction of two new models to the Parklander range, entry level ATVs and dirt bikes are not only more affordable, but do not compromise on quality and durability.
Entry Level Parklander Mowers from Parklands Power Products
16.12.2009 - Entry-level walk behind mowers are in a highly competitive sector of the market. In the entry level range is the Parklander PCS-4040, from Parklands Power Products.
The CF500-A ATV and CF500-3 UTV from Parkland Power Products (Aust)
11.12.2009 - Parklands Power Products (Aust) has recently released the new ATV and UTV range under the Parklander brand.
Tanaka Auger JEA-50 one-man auger available from Parklands Power Products
25.05.2009 - Anyway one looks at it, traditional post hole diggers, while easily handled by one person, are hard on the user. A better alternative is the combination of the Tanaka JEA-50 one-man auger and the superbly-matched Dig-Assist. Parklands Power Products,
Oleo_Mac’s MultiMate quick-change systems available from Parklands Power Products (Aust)
19.03.2009 - Parklands Power Products (Aust) offer a multi-tool from Oleo_Mac, with new environmentally-friendly Euro 2 compliant engine. MultiMate quick-change system comprises a straight shaft brushcutter, bent
Parklander ATV and UTV range from Parklands Power Products
09.03.2009 - Parklands Power Products have released the ATV and UTV range, under the Parklander brand. Powered by the CF Moto 500 cc four-stroke liquid-cooled engine, the CF500-A Parklander ATV can do up to 70km/h
Grasshopper 124-52 MidMount ZeroTurn mowers available from Parklands Power Products (Aust)
11.02.2009 - Parklands Power Products (Aust), exclusive Australian distributors for Grasshopper, have introduced the new 124-52 MidMount ZeroTurn mower. The 124-52 MidMount ZeroTurn mower is compact and powered by
Electric mobility scooters available from Parklands Power Products
08.12.2008 - Parklands Power Products have announced their entry into the mobility market with the release of their new range of electric mobility scooters. These mobility scooters are supplied under the Parklander brand.
TY33015 ride-on mower available from Parklands Power Products (Aust)
21.07.2008 - Parklands Power Products (Aust) has included TY33015, a powerful, good-looking ride-on mower, to its existing range of value-for-money products.
Front mount zero-turn radius mowers from Parklands Power Products
06.02.2008 - Grasshopper’s new 620T front mount zero-turn radius mowers are now available with in-line transmission system as standard.
New walk-behinds added to Parklander range
01.08.2007 - The value-for-money Parklander range of walk-behind mowers has just been expanded, with the introduction of three new models.
New Oleo-Mac saws from Parklands Power Products
03.05.2007 - Due to price, the hobby farmer usually looks to the less expensive 100-hour engine chainsaws which struggle to do the required job. Now available for the hobby farmer, Parklands Power Products has two new professional chainsaws—with 1000-hour engines
Tanaka TBC-270S brushcutter released
01.11.2006 - Arguably, the state leading the way for cleaner air in the United States is California, whose Air Resources Board’s stringent Tier II/Year 2000 emission regulations was instrumental in the development of Tanaka’s PureFire engine. That was
Parklands Power Products has introduced new Portable Log Splitter
01.09.2006 - Manual splitting of logs is not only tedious and hard on the lower back, but also has an element of danger.
Telescopic pole pruner now available
14.07.2006 - The Oleo-Mac PPX 250 Telescopic Pole Pruner extends to 3.12m, to easily reach up to 5m from the ground, without the need for ladders. With a pole diameter of 38 mm and a two-stroke engine with high power output, the operator can cut and prune branche
New Tanaka chainsaw features automatic decompression
14.07.2006 - Japanese two-stroke manufacturer Tanaka expands its chainsaw offering with several new models, including a professional 50 cm3 saw, the ECV-5601. Available through Parklands Power Products, the unit features an automatic decompression system for fast
Compact sized Grasshopper ZeroTurn mowers
19.05.2006 - GRASSHOPPER'S ZeroTurn mower range now includes two new compact models from the 100 Series. The new models make true zero-turn mowing more accessible to the market. Ideal for smaller areas, with narrow access, the 100 Series mowers combine economy, m
Top handle chainsaws are easy on the user
01.05.2006 - OLEO-Mac is well regarded locally for their wide range of larger chainsaws. They have just released a new top handle chainsaw, the 925. Available through Australian distributor, Parklands Power Products, this model is ideal as a pruning saw and for u
Chainsaw with great power-to-weight ratio
28.03.2006 - JAPANESE two-stroke power equipment manufacturer, Tanaka, has built a reputation of innovation with small engines since the 1920s. Continuing that tradition, the company has released the TCS-2801S top-handled chainsaw, which is now available in Austr
Large range of walk-behind mowers and ride-on-mowers
09.01.2006 - PARKLANDS Power Products provides 40 models of ride-on-mowers, from everyday use to industrial mowers. One such model is the Murray 385002x78 12.5HP 5 speed mower, which has a two-year limited warranty coverage.
Lawn mowers and walk-behind mowers
20.12.2005 - PARKLANDS Power Products supply a range of mowers including walk-behind mowers and ride-on-mowers. The company provides around 20 models of walk-behind mowers including Oleo-Mac K35P 1100W electric mower. Benefits of the K35P mower include a long eng
Grasshopper ZeroTurn: Diesel models expanded
27.09.2005 - THE Grasshopper ZeroTurn mower range from Parklands Power Products now includes four new diesel models. They all have Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS) as standard and feature the coolest running to take extreme temperature, with the highest tempera
Groundkeeping machinery
04.07.2005 - PARKLANDS Power Products has released Amazone Groundkeeper machines. They can mow, de-thatch, scarify, roll, collect and mulch, separately or together. Any compact tractor with a PTO shaft and an 18 horse power motor can use the units, which have a 1
Semi-professional and heavy-duty chainsaws
03.05.2005 - PARKLANDS Power Products has released two semi-professional chainsaws and one heavy-duty chainsaw. The Oleo-Mac 936 and 940 chainsaws weigh 4kg and 4.1kg without the bar and chain and produce 1.6kW an
Petrol driven ergonomic blower
18.04.2005 - OLEO-Mac’s BV126 Ergo petrol-driven blower, available from Parklands Power Products, features a unique anti-vibration system — with four rubber supports that separate the engine from the handle for superior operator comfort.
Petrol engine impact wrench
21.05.2004 - PARKLANDS Power Products has released the Vessol petrol engine impact wrench.
Grasshopper ZeroTurn mowers and attachments improve return on investment
16.01.2003 - INVESTMENT in a ZeroTurn mower makes even more economical sense when, as well as mowing, bedshaping, etc., the unit's potential properties extend to further turf and yardwork. New attachments for Grasshopper give prospective buyers more reasons to co
Petrol engine drill for concrete, bricks and masonry
03.12.2002 - TANAKA's new high-speed engine drill, the TED-262HS, easily drives through concrete, bricks and masonry. Portable and lightweight, (4.5kg dry), this unit completes the TED range of Tanaka engine drills available from Parklands Power Products.
Ergonomically designed lightweight brushcutter
12.11.2002 - LIGHTWEIGHT, yet powerful, the Tanaka TBC-2501 brushcutter available from Parklands Power Products is robust, easy to work with, and quiet. With one of the best power-to-weight ratios in the industry, the TBC-2501 is well balanced, and features a 1.2
Countax garden tractor range from the UK
24.09.2002 - THE Countax range of garden tractors from the UK has been added to the Parklands Power Products’ stable. Parklands managing director Neville Zacka says "the addition of these units places us in a position to cover the requirements of the lawn and tur
Commercial walk behind mower
18.04.2002 - THE Parklander PCL6520 Cassowary walkbehind mower, with wide 19" cut, has recently been released by Parklands Power Products. Top in the Parklander range, the maximum engine capacity Cassowary is powered by the 6.5hp (4.85kW) Tecumseh commercial four
Powerful handheld blower
19.02.2002 - THE BV 126 petrol engine blower is one of the new generation, ergonomically-designed power tools from Italy's Oleo-Mac. The blower can be used in almost any position to expel air at 60m/s - a whopping 134 mph.
Grasshopper ZeroTurn mid-mount mowers in petrol or diesel
26.09.2001 - AVAILABLE through Parklands Power Products, Grasshopper mid-mount mowers come in two petrol and three diesel engine models. Cutting decks go from 52" to 72", for wide ground coverage.
Caravaggi chipper/shredder/mulcher range expanded
05.09.2001 - THE Caravaggi BIO 200 expands the chipper/shredder range available from Australian distributor Parklands Trading Co. Like the smaller models in the range, the BIO 200 mulches as well as shreds.
Amazone PTO’s are six machines in one
22.08.2001 - THE new generation of Amazone Groundkeeper machines is now available from Parklands Power Products. Featuring an improved overall design, with a new frame and hopper, the latest models are now stronger and lighter.
Engine-powered impact wrench
09.05.2001 - WORK in remote sites or hard to access places is not always easy and may require the use of special tools. One such tool, which makes this work easier, is the Vessel petrol engine impact wrench.
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