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Tanaka TBC-270S brushcutter released

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Arguably, the state leading the way for cleaner air in the United States is California, whose Air Resources Board’s stringent Tier II/Year 2000 emission regulations was instrumental in the development of Tanaka’s PureFire engine. 

The first two-stroke engine to be certified under these regulations was the Tanaka 40 cc PureFire engine. 

That was in 1998, two years before the regulations went into effect. A number of Tanaka products are powered by a PureFire engine, which includes the new Tanaka TBC-270S brushcutter. 

This proven, powerful 27 cc unit has an improved engine design, which includes new scavenging ports, piston, cylinder and crankcase that provide a more efficient combustion process. All this with no additional components added, means less weight and reliability of the engine is maintained.

The PureFire engine provides a more concentrated ignition area, which creates improved flame propagation and more complete burning of fuel, making the engine 30% more fuel efficient. 

The TBC-270S comes with Tanaka’s SmartStart, which allows the user to start the engine with up to 50% less effort.

Another benefit of the PureFire engine is the fact that with emissions reduced by up to 70%, which is far less than a four-stroke. And, not only is there less environmental pollution, but with less noxious gases, there’s more protection for the operator.

The TBC-270S packs a more powerful 1.3 hp (0.96 kW) of power. That is enough for the tough contractor jobs around the yard and more than enough to power optional attachments, viz., pruner, hedgetrimmer and mini-cultivator. 

Other features include a heavy duty centrifugal clutch, chrome-plated, stress relieved cylinder and transistorised electronic ignition system. Anti-vibration in the engine mount and handle provides maximum operator comfort and reduces fatigue. 

The TBC-270S was extensively tested in Australia and adjusted to suit our fuel and high temperatures. TBC-270S also runs much cooler than other bruschutters and fancase temperature has been reduced from 100˚C to just 50˚C, eliminating burnt arms on hot days. 

The TBC-270S comes with an alloy line trimmer head and slasher blade as standard. An optional brain cutting head is also available. This head senses when more line is needed and feeds out the perfect line length every time, allowing the engine to run at optimal cutting speed.

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