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Semi-professional and heavy-duty chainsaws

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article image High-torque engines will work in very dirty environments, thanks to the air filtration system.

PARKLANDS Power Products has released two semi-professional chainsaws and one heavy-duty chainsaw. The Oleo-Mac 936 and 940 chainsaws weigh 4kg and 4.1kg without the bar and chain and produce 1.6kW and 1.7kW of power, respectively.

They can work with poor-quality fuel, the high-torque engines will work in very dirty environments, thanks to the air filtration system. This allows the user to extend the period between cleaning to over 100 hours. A finer filter is available for extremely dusty conditions. Air flow is directed upward, hitting the filtration surface from the bottom and avoiding deposits of residual dust.

The chainsaws are designed for precision cutting, while maintaining operator comfort with a one-piece grip-fuel tank section and five anti-vibration elements. They are suitable for lopping, light pruning, small to medium diameter cutting and fencing.

The automatic geared oil pump holds flow at idle. The filter/spark plug cover that can be opened without the use of tools. Other features include electronic coil for quick starting, inertia chain brake, chain catcher and throttle trigger lock out.

The Oleo-Mac 985 HD is a 4.2kW chainsaw with a combustion chamber that optimises the power and fuel burn. An efficient torque curve allows the engine to provide power at low rpm for longer running with less fuel consumption.

A decompressor provides effortless starting and six vibration dampers separate the handles and tank from the rest of the saw. This provides added comfort while preventing the fuel mixture from overheating.

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