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THE BV 126 petrol engine blower is one of the new generation, ergonomically-designed power tools from Italy's Oleo-Mac. Available from Parklands Power Products , the blower can be used in almost any position to expel air at 60m/s - a whopping 134 mph.

Designed for ease of use, the blower features a fully adjustable throttle lock to keep the engine running at optimum speed. This helps prevent operator fatigue when working large areas.

The adjustable lock also allows the operator to regulate noise to the most comfortable level for each application. This feature makes the unit ideal for use in areas where noise level is critical, eg, hospitals.

The BV 126 is powered by a 0.9kW (1.2hp) two-stroke engine - powerful enough for the toughest clean-up job. Weighing only 4.3 kg, the blower is easily operated using one hand.

The unit features a transistorised ignition switch, for quick starting and the switch is sealed to prevent the ingress of dust which can occur during operation.

The blower has an optional vac attachment - the VK 26. Vac conversion is a breeze even for the non-technically inclined. For easy access to the suction coupling, the cover has a screwless snap-fit opening.

With this easy-fit design, and no need for special tools, the blower turns into a vacuum in seconds.

The mulching blade on the fan breaks down the leaves etc., maximising benefit of the large capacity 36 litre debris bag, allowing the operator to vacuum a larger area without having to empty the catcher.

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