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Petrol driven ergonomic blower

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article image The Ergo petrol-driven blower features a unique anti-vibration system.

OLEO-Mac’s BV126 Ergo petrol-driven blower, available from Parklands Power Products , features a unique anti-vibration system—with four rubber supports that separate the engine from the handle for superior operator comfort.

Able to be handled in any position and to expel air at 74m/sec, the blower features a fully adjustable throttle lock. This keeps the engine running at optimum speed and helps prevent operator fatigue when working large areas, as there is no need to hold on the the throttle trigger.

The adjustable accelerator lock also allows the operator to regulate air flow—and resultant noise levels—for each application. This feature is particularly ideal for use where noise levels are critical.

An optional kit, the VK26, converts the blower into a vacuum unit. Conversion is a breeze, even for the non-technically inclined, through the easy-fit design. Access to the suction coupling is made easy because the cover has a screwless snap-fit opening.

The suction fan is fitted with a steel blade for the easy mulching of leaves and other material to reduce the volume of the 36 litre debris bag—allowing the operator to vacuum a larger area without having to empty the catcher.

The BV126 is powered by a 0.9kW (1.2hp) two-stroke engine that is powerful enough for the toughest clean-up job. Weighing only 4.3kg, the blower is easily operated using only one hand.

Other features include a transistorised ignition for quick starting and a highly efficient engine cooling system, which also uses the air flow provided by the blower fan.

The fuel tank is separate from the blower body to protect the fuel from heat. A microswitch causes the engine to cut out, if the suction lid is snapped open or if the vacuum tube is wrongly assembled.

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